Mutants Walk Hellfire Gala Green Carpet in Russell Dauterman Variants

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Marvel has unveiled twelve connecting variant covers by artist Russell Dauterman for the twelve issues of X-Men comics marvel is stretching out a single night to this June for the Hellfire Gala crossover event. These Hellfire Gala variants show various mutants standing (or floating) on the “green carpet,” and they connect to show those mutants standing (or floating) on the “green carpet” together. What more reason do you need to pick up two copies of each issue of this crossover?

In a press release, Dauterman said:

X-Men costumes are one of my favorite things. As a teenager that’s what I would draw the most—doodles of an X-character in all their looks. So, I’m absolutely thrilled—designing costumes for the mutants is top-of-the-list, dream job stuff. The Hellfire Gala is unique and exciting for the X-Men, and this opportunity is really special for me—I tried to have that come across in the character designs. As Emma Frost said, “The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous.”

Check out the Hellfire Gala variants by Russell Dauterman below:

And here’s the entire set assembled in one gigantic image (click on it to view it expanded).

Russell Dauterman Hellfire Gala Connecting Variants hitting stores from Marvel in June
Russell Dauterman Hellfire Gala Connecting Variants hitting stores from Marvel in June

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