Housemarque Reverts Latest Returnal Patch After it Corrupted Save Files, PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1

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Despite its overwhelmingly positive critical reception, developer Housemarque has been hard at work on addressing the few issues that players have had since Returnal’s release. It just released a brand new patch earlier today to address crashing issues, Trophy unlocks, and more, but the update inadvertently introduced an even worse save corrupting issue that is preventing players from playing entirely, prompting the PS5 to display PS5 error code CE-100028-1. Housemarque has since pulled the update, but everyone who has already downloaded it will need to delete and reinstall the game.

“When can we expect a fix for error code CE-100028-1 that is interrupting gameplay since the update? Can’t see myself playing again if my 40+ hours of data is wiped,” one user replied to Housemarque’s tweet announcing the new update. “Good to know I’m not the only one. Getting it literally every 5-10 seconds in high action sections,” said another.

One comment said their save file randomly vanished altogether.

And the issue doesn’t seem to be just a small subset of players. Many are reporting the same problem with various triggers for the error code popping up.

Many are including pictures of the error pop up along with their tweets showing that this is a clear and obvious widespread issue.

Returnal Save Corruption – PS5 Error Code CE-100028-1

The error code most commonly seems to be error code CE-100028-1, which oddly, Sony describes as one that pops up when you don’t have enough free space on your PS5 SSD. It’s unclear why this is the error code that is coming up in this case, when the issues don’t seem to relate to storage space at all. Many have noted that the triggers seem to occur when the game is trying to write something new to the save file.

While Returnal doesn’t have mid-run save states, it does save a number of permanent unlocks as you progress through the world that are saved. Everything from scout logs and glyphs to progression on weapon traits and more. It seems like anytime Returnal is trying to write one of those things to the save file since the latest patch, it’s encountering resistance from the PS5 erroneously telling players that there’s not enough space on their PS5 SSD for the save.

Housemarque was quick to respond to the issue and pulled the update entirely, reverting back to the previous version of the game. They are quickly working to issue a fresh patch without the save corruption issues, but players who already downloaded Patch 1.3.3 will need to delete and reinstall the entire game to get rid of the bugged patch creating the issues.

They also recommend to simply not play the game until the next patch has been published and installed to avoid running into any issues.

Housemarque expects to have the new patch published in as little as a few hours, though with tensions already being fraught at the lack of mid-run save states, many players are apprehensive of doing anything that might obliterate even more progress in Returnal. While you wait for the new patch to go live, check out our exceptionally positive review of Returnal that loved the way Housemarque took on the AAA game idea while retaining much of their own DNA. We’ve also opined that Returnal desperately needs a photo mode. Still having trouble with your runs? Try our beginner’s guide, which includes essential tips for enjoying the game.

Did you get hit the with Returnal save corruption issues today? Let us know in the comments.

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