EXCLUSIVE: Wonderbound announces new graphic novel HELLO MY NAME IS POOP

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Wonderbound may have won the title of the year. The middle grade/young adult imprint from Vault Comics has just announced Hello My Name Is Poop, a new middle-grade graphic novel written by Ben Katzner, drawn by Ian McGinty, colored by Fred C. Stresing, and lettered by Andworld Design. Read the synopsis below:

Will Poupé becomes the new target of bullies at his middle school. All day long, they call him Poop. However, when Icky the Janitor reveals himself to be a wizard in disguise, Will learns that there is a pantheon of Names of Power—if you are given one of these names, you gain certain abilities. Poop is one of those names. He now has powers that he could use to get back at the bullies! But power—even poop power—is exactly what can turn someone into a bully. With some help from his friends, Will must find a way to use his fantastic farting magic for good.

The publisher describes their younger line:

“Every Wonderbound book is a ticket to a land of wonder, inviting you to leave behind the ordinary, and explore a world of magic, marvels, and mysteries. Whether you’re learning fantastical wrassling, going on zany quests to deliver packages (and stuff), solving the mysteries of a gothic mansion, or settling into a spooky new apartment, you’re always in for an adventure.”

Hello My Name Is Poop will be released in October 2021.  The Beat got an exclusive sneak peek at the title. Take a look at the cover and a preview of two interior pages.

Hello My Name Is Poop Hello My Name Is Poop

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