Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks

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Yen Press has entered a new partnership with Hachette Audio. The new audiobook imprint is called Yen Audio, and it will produce, sell, and distribute digital audiobook editions of select Yen Press titles. Heading up the program is Publisher and Managing Director Kurt Hassler, who is teaming up with Hachette Audio’s longtime Publisher and SVP Anthony Goff, who negotiated the world rights deal for Hachette Book Group.

Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks
“Solo Leveling” cover art, Yen Press.

Yen Audio will launch four debut titles in Summer and Fall 2021. The first volume of SOLO LEVELING, a South Korean novel by Chugong originally published online in serial releases and the basis of the bestselling webtoon of the same name, will be the first audiobook in the collaboration, slated for publication July 2021.

Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks
“Sword Art Online” cover, art, Yen Press

The second release will take place in August when the initial volume of the acclaimed light novel series SWORD ART ONLINE by author Reki Kawahara is published as a digital audiobook.

Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks
“Overlord” cover art, Yen Press.

Voice casting for these titles, as well as for narrators of Fall titles OVERLORD by Kugane Maruyama and THE SAGA OF TANYA THE EVIL by Carlo Zen, will be announced soon separately. After these initial releases, it is expected that the Yen/Hachette Audio partnership will release regular seasonal adaptations.

Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks
“The Saga of Tanya the Evil” cover art, Yen Press

Hassler said of the partnership, “Yen has been aware of the interest in audiobook adaptations of its novels for some time, and we’re incredibly excited not only to finally be taking this step but to be doing so with the GRAMMY® Award-winning talent at Hachette Audio. We could not be more excited to be launching both this program and partnership.”

Yen Audio: Yen Press Partners with Hachette Audio for Audiobooks
“The Miracles of the Namiya General Store” cover art, Yen Press

“This partnership is an amazing opportunity, and one we’ve cultivated for many years since Yen was a part of Hachette Book Group,” concurred Goff. “I couldn’t be more pleased to work with Kurt, and the fantastic team at Yen, as we look forward to introducing more audio interpretations of their popular series to listeners around the world.”

The initial release schedule for the first Yen Audio titles is as follows:

SOLO LEVELING, VOL. 1 Chugong 9781975325886 $25.98/$32.98 9.5 hours July 2021
SWORD ART ONLINE 1: AINCRAD Reki Kawahara 9781975337186 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Aug 2021
OVERLORD, VOL. 1 Kugane Maruyama, so-bin 9781975337490 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Sep 2021
SOLO LEVELING VOL. 2 Chugong 9781975325893 $25.98/$32.98 10 hours Oct 2021
SWORD ART ONLINE 2: AINCRAD Reki Kawahara 9781975337209 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Oct 2021
THE MIRACLES OF THE NAMIYA GENERAL STORE Keigo Higashino 9781975338350 $25.98/$32.98 9.5 hours Nov 2021
THE SAGA OF TANYA THE EVIL, VOL. 1 Carlo Zen, Shinobu Shinotsuki 9781975337452 $25.98/$32.98 10 hours Nov 2021
OVERLORD, VOL. 2 Kugane Maruyama, so-bin 9781975338336 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Dec 2021
SWORD ART ONLINE 3: FAIRY DANCE Reki Kawahara 9781975337216 $25.98/$32.98 7.5 hours Dec 2021

These audiobooks based on Yen Press content will be available wherever downloadable audiobooks are sold, across platforms including Apple Books, Audible,, Downpour, Google Books,, Kobo, and more.

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