Batman/Fortnite #1 Comics Sell For $25 on eBay Over Harley Quinn Skin

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Clearly, I shouldn’t have ripped open my copy, bought earlier today, and used the code within. Because the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1 comic book has sold copies for up to $25 on eBay today. Mostly to a) places where people don’t have a comic shop and b) places outside the USA where they can’t get the code through the DC Universe app. And it seems people are going a little doolally for the Harley Quinn Rebirth skin, offered inside the print comic book.

Big Bang Comics in Dublin, who still have copies of the slightly more expensive cardstock version left at cover price, may not have copies for long. They state “Folks, you have NO IDEA how popular this comic is right now. We have a ton of brand new customers just for it and so many parents ringing/emailing about it, we’ve NEVER seen anything like this. I swear we’re going to start answering the phone with “Batman Fortnite Comics, how can we help you”” I am getting similar stories from comic book stores everywhere. They simply underestimated the demand for a Batman/Fortnite comic book with a digital item code with it, even those who ordered hundreds and thousands of copies, intending to return the majority of copies.

Because all six issues of the Batman/Fortnite comic have been made returnable, but with the demand for the skins alone rocketing, let alone the comic itself, there is very little chance any copies will be returned. And some comic book stores will be wondering why they didn’t order more, given the still-insane appeal of Fortnite, the exclusivity of the digital offering.

Either way, be kind to your comic book store this week. Those who have copies will be rushed off their feet, those who don’t will be gnawing their hands off at the wrists rather than answer another e-mail, phone call, or head round the door asking for a copy. Batman knows how to cope with all this, don’t you Batman?

DC ComicsBatman/Fortnite #1 Comics Sell For $25 on eBay Over Harley Quinn Skin
Batman/Fortnite #1 Comics Sell For $25 on eBay Over Harley Quinn Skin

The second printing will be out for the 4th of May. The way things are going, I expect a third printing announcement any day now.

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