Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno Launch Stoned Master on Kickstarter

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Like, whoa. Just in time for 420 Day, Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno, the creative team behind the hit graphic novel The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, have launched a brand new creator-owned comic book project on Kickstarter, maaaan. Stoned Master #1 is, like, the first of a planned five-issue comic from Sitterson and Moreno with letters by Taylor Esposito and logo by Tim Daniel, dudes!

TFW you normally pretend *not* to be stoned while writing comic book "news" articles, and then Stoned Master comes along...
TFW you normally pretend *not* to be stoned while writing comic book “news” articles, and then Stoned Master comes along…

Far out! And here’s how the Kickstarter page describes Stoned Master:

Stoned Master is set in the fictional Los Angeles neighborhood of Chavez Heights, where a rapacious conglomerate is corporatizing and gentrifying everything in sight. And the only ones standing in their way? Burnout kung fu savant Frankie Wong, his drunken master, and his pals from the local cannabis dispensary.

Imagine Kung Fu Hustle meets Pineapple Express. Or, for the old heads, Drunken Master meets Cheech & Chong. It’s all the intense, artful fight scenes you expect from a martial arts epic, combined with gut-busting stoner comedy laughs, then fully baked in the Southern California sun.

While working together on The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, Chris and I found ourselves jonesing for an opportunity to cut loose, free of the restrictions that come with nonfiction work. We wanted space and freedom for big, intense, outlandish action and hilarious visual comedy.

Stoned Master is our opportunity to show off, demonstrating all our strengths through what is – let’s be honest – probably the greatest concept for a comic book ever and ever. Amen, sibling. And with your help, we’re going to make it happen!

If that sounds good to you, first of all, congratulations to your attention span for making it this far through the article without taking a break for some munchies. And secondly, here’s where you can go to secure your own copy of Stoned Master #1 (and to avoid short-term memory issues, you should click and pledge now so you don’t forget). The comic will be 32 pages and costs a nickel bag for a digital copy and a dime bag for a physical copy.

Art from Stoned Master
Art from Stoned Master

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