Hood: Outlaws & Legends PS5 Includes DualSense Features, New Trailer Details PvPvE Heists

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Hood: Outlaws & Legends pits two teams of four in a battle to steal treasure from a heavily guarded fortress. The game’s latest trailer gives an overview of what players can expect from the challenging heists. Throughout the entire heist experience, PS5 players also will benefit from a range of uses for the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

While loosely based on the legend of Robin Hood, developer Sumo Digital takes liberties with its interpretation of events, sprinkling magic and other fantastical elements into the game. Each team of four players can be made up of characters with different skills to suit whatever strategy the team decides to take. Both teams of outlaws compete against each other to steal the riches that have been seized from the people of the State. In between heists, players can spend their ill-gotten gains in their hideout. Return the money to the people and the range of items in the shop will increase. Keeping the money will actually allow you to buy them. Character skills can be improved with perks, and costumes and weapons can be changed.

Combat is one of the places where the DualSense features come into their own. Trigger resistance increases as players’ stamina depletes in melee combat. Aggressive haptic feedback represents impacts taken by the player, such as the “sharp strike of an arrow or the crushing blow of a hammer.” The blows that players dole out are represented by duller drumming, although it intensifies with the amount of damage dealt.

Haptic feedback also works as players travel around the map. For example, players feel the gravel underneath them as they slide into cover or a large thud if they fall from height. Whether players pick the locks of doors or barge their way through them, the feedback will be representative. Character abilities will also give appropriate feedback.

In terms of the actual mission, the DualSense controller will give haptic feedback when the Sheriff is near by representing the direction of his footsteps, increasing in strength as he gets closer. Whoever ends up carrying the treasure will feel their own overburdened footsteps pounding through the controller too. A dropped chest will scatter gold, while a chest will need to be successfully extracted via winch – each of these gives their own feedback too.

Players will get a chance to experience all of this when Hood: Outlaws & Legends is released on PS4 and PS5 on May 10. Those who preorder will be able to access the game three days earlier on May 7.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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