The fantasy world of Ravensword: Shadowlands pops on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

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As gamers we’re well versed in the fantasy worlds that are constantly thrown our way. And that means we should be right at home with the release of Ravensword: Shadowlands on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

The latest title to release on console thanks to the Ratalaika Games porting team, Ravensword: Shadowlands is the creation of Crescent Moon Games and it’s available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, although if you’re an EU Switch player, you will need to hold tight for a few more days until the April 14th release. 

Priced at £6.69, Ravensword throws us into a world that is in utter chaos. You see, the Kingdom of Tyreas was once threatened by an army of elven invaders, and it was here where the Ravensword was lost. Now though it is up to you to recover the Ravensword, wielding its power and restoring all that was lost. 

Working both first and third person views, your adventure through the Shadowlands promises to be a tough one; full of enemies that you’ll need to take down with a variety of weapons and spells. You won’t be alone though – the chance to saddle up and ride horses or flying mounts will come to the fore here. 

With decisions to make, quests to partake in and enough precision based combat to keep you going for some time, if you’re looking for a new dark fantasy adventure then Ravensword: Shadowlands is surely one to check. 

Features include:

  • Numerous options for character customization and completing quests
  • Battle various enemy types including huge pre-historic creatures
  • Decision based, multi-part Quests
  • Use various weapons like bows, axes, and swords
  • Reflex and precision-based combat with blocking and dodging

Our full review of the game on Xbox Series X|S will be coming your way in the days ahead but if you’re sold on the premise, either through our words or via the power of the trailer below, just head to a digital store of your choosing and take home a download. The Xbox Store will cover the bases for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players, the PlayStation Store will do similar for PS4 and PS5 gamers, whilst the Nintendo eShop will sort out Switch adventurers. 

Game Description:

After the fall of Ravengard, the world descended into chaos. The Kingdom of Tyreas stood alone against a sea of dark elven invaders. The Ravensword was lost, and the dark times began. As a descendant of an ancient line of kings, you alone have the power to wield the Ravensword again and restore that which was lost. Explore a vast and richly detailed world, gather powerful weapons and items, increase your skills, and follow a deep storyline to solve the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas. Seamlessly switch between First and Third Person view while mastering different skills, making quest-altering and reputation-altering decisions!

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