H4X partners with Nickmercs to launch apparel collection


Esports athlete and influencer apparel brand H4X has partnered with FaZe Clan streamer Nick ‘Nickmercs’ Kolcheff to launch an exclusive apparel collection.

The collection, which consists of a t-shirt, hoodie and hat, will come in a customised bag with a personalised note from Kolcheff. Moreover, the packages will be shipped in ‘customised MFAM boxes’. 

Photo credit: H4X

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“This collection is special and very personal to me for a lot of reasons,” shared Kolcheff.  “Namely, because of the high-quality product that H4X has produced in partnership with us, and because this is the final apparel collection, we’ll be doing with the artwork that we’ve been using since I started streaming.

“I know that the team at H4X has been a part of the MFAM since the beginning, so they really get it. Cole and his team were really able to piece together a full experience that I’m excited and proud to share with my community.”

The collection will be available to purchase on Kolcheff’s website from April 10th and will retail between $30 – $125.

According to the release, Kolcheff was the one who approached H4X with an idea to create an exclusive apparel collection. 

Cole Gurman, H4X CEO also commented: “We are proud to have been chosen by Nick to collaborate with him to bring this special product to his fans. As fashion nerds, we pay meticulous attention to detail. We’ve worked in partnership with him to deliver the highest quality apparel with custom-designed packaging that we know will become a keepsake for the MFAM.”

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Alongside partnering with Kolcheff, the apparel brand has also collaborated with fellow FaZe Clan member Nate Hill.

Sean Bruce, Director of Business Development for H4X, added: “We have had the opportunity to work with a lot of talent over the years, but this collab with Nickmercs is something truly special. As a six-year member of the MFAM myself, I’m confident that the community will love what we have put together in this collection.”

Esports Insider says: Partnering with one of the most popular content creators out there is a big win for H4X. The gaming apparel brand has previously chosen the same strategy, signing famous CS:GO, FIFA and Dota2 players as ambassadors. 

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