Cyberpunk 2077’s Next Patch Will Improve Police Behavior and Vehicle Handling

PS4 & PS5

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2, which was delayed due to February’s ransomware attack, is due out soon and CD Projekt RED has highlighted some of the improvements it’s supposed to make.

Following player complaints, police behavior will undergo readjustments so that it takes some time for the cops to arrive at a crime scene. According to the developer, this “should decrease the problem of NPCs spawning behind players’ backs and create an impression that it takes some time for the police to arrive at the crime scene after the crime has been reported.” A recon drone unit has also been added to give the impression that police is assessing situations.

Next, the patch will fix vehicle handling after a number of players took issue with the steering speed. Apparently, this was more of an issue for platforms with lower frame rates, and “centered around how hard it was to keep cars off the sidewalks and such.” When experiencing lower frame rates, our cars were harder to control,” CDPR explained. “We traced this to some code that wasn’t handling extreme changes in frame rate properly. The steering speed is now very consistent from 20 to 60+ FPS. Last, we looked at a bunch of tweaks to individual cars and adjusted some of them that were too twitchy in low frame rates, including the player’s Archer Hella.” A steering sensitivity slider has since been added to the options menu.

Last but not least, a new “Unstuck” feature will solve the problem of players having to abandon vehicles because they got beached or high-centered. “While holding down the accelerator, you can now rock the vehicle forward or back, or rotate it left/right,” CDPR added.

We’ll update our readers when the patch is live.

[Source: CDPR]

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