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If you’re one of the 49% (or more) of Republican men who are not planning on getting a COVID-19 vaccine, consider getting “Freedom Jab” instead! Scientists and public health experts say “vaccine,” but you can call it Freedom Jab if that makes you feel better.

As we (hopefully) reemerge from this horrible pandemic, multiple polls show Republican men as the most vaccine-hesitant of any group polled. Gee, I wonder if that’s because their cult leader downplayed the virus all along and touted phony pseudoscience. Yes, it’s great vaccines were developed while Trump was in office and thankfully he is now occasionally advising people to get vaccinated, but the damage has been done. I sure hope it can be undone.

Scientists warn that if the United States doesn’t hit a 70-85% vaccination rate, there will continue to be ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks. If so many Republicans keep refusing to get vaccinated, we’ll be in for more lockdowns, masks and deaths. I guess it’s no surprise that the political party that politicized face masks is now politicizing life-saving vaccines.

Get your Freedom Jab as soon as you can — and remember, you can support my cartooning by becoming a patron over on my Patreon pages!

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