Black Panther is Coming to Marvel’s Avengers in War for Wakanda Expansion This Year, More Content to Come Before That

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Marvel’s Avengers may have gotten a big content drop today, but that doesn’t mean Crystal Dynamics is resting on their laurels. During Square Enix Presents, we saw the first teaser trailer for the upcoming War for Wakanda expansion, featuring Black Panther as a new hero as Wakanda as a new location. The expansion is part of an entire roadmap of content due to be released for the game over the coming months.

Black Panther as a new hero was not uncommon knowledge amongst the game’s fans. Square Enix had planned to reveal the character back in September, but his reveal was delayed due to the untimely death of the MCU’s Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman. Instead, he now takes center stage of what will be the biggest content drop since the game’s launch. War for Wakanda will take place in the Wakandan Jungle Biome, unsurprisingly, and will come with a new Outpost and new villains, such as Klaw and his Klaw Faction comrades. Players will also be able to make use of new Hero outfits and a Power Level cap increase. More details are promised for the future, but for now you can get a brief glimpse of the hero in the teaser trailer from Square Enix Presents below:

Before War for Wakanda arrives, more updates will appear this spring. The Tachyon Anomaly event will increase the frequency of Tachyon Rift Missions, as well as altering their scale to fit Power Levels 1-100 to make them more accessible. As players try to earn the event-specific rewards, they’ll be able to play as any combination of heroes in a Strike Team, including multiples of the same character. Also due to arrive in spring is the Red Room Takeover that introduces new themed HARM Room content and hero outfits.

Later in the year, Cosmic Cube will focus on Monica Rappaccini as she gets her own Scientist Supreme Villain Sector. This new battle pits players against the Cosmic Cube at its most powerful. Meanwhile, Wasteland Patrol introduces Patrol Mode, a new mission type where players can visit new War Zones within the Wasteland Region. These include the largest War Zone so far, with plenty of quests and Assignments to complete and rewards to earn at your leisure. Both of these updates are scheduled for “summer and beyond.”

Today’s update introduced Operation Hawkeye – Future Imperfect, with Hawkeye becoming the game’s second post-launch playable hero. To many players’ displeasure, the update also introduced the new leveling system that slows the grind and now adds another 3-5 hours of game time for players to reach their character’s maximum level. As well as the new content and update, the PlayStation 5 version of the game was also released today, free for all owners of the previous gen PS4 version.

[Source: Square Enix]

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