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TVs from five years ago were pretty nice, but today’s models are so much better. Technology moves on at a really fast rate, and there’s never been a better time to upgrade to something bigger, with better picture quality, that’s thinner and lighter too.

LG’s OLED is where it’s at now. It’s the most innovative technology in TV today, giving you a flat, impossibly thin, TV set without a backlight, so it can display rich, deep blacks and stunning colours. Have a look, the next time you’re playing a game, at the difference between the black of space and the black plastic of your current set’s bezel. See the difference?

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OLED uses pixels which emit their own light, so there’s no need for a backlight. TVs with this technology tend to be thinner and lighter than old-fashioned LCDs, and it offers a greater contrast ratio and wider viewing angle so your games look better than ever. If you’ve ever tried to watch TV from the side and been disappointed with the view, well those days are over. It uses less electricity too, as when it’s showing black it’s sucking no power at all, and response times can be as low as 1ms between colour transitions so screen lag is a tying of the past. Without a backlight, there’s no bloom or creep, where brighter areas affect darker ones nearby – every pixel is lit individually, so the contrast and sharpness are superlative 

The thinness and lightness of the TV’s body comes in handy if you want to wall-mount the set too, as you’ll be able to lift it easily into position. Long gone are the days of plasma TVs that took a team of weightlifters to hoist onto the mounting plate.  

The other problem today is that there are so many TV sets out there, and they all promise the best possible picture quality along with perfect sound, a cup of tea and a free unicorn too. This is where AO has got your back. They price match against any retailer, so you can do your research and know you’re getting a good deal. You can shop from home, choosing from the UK’s largest range of appliances. With 100,000 electricals in stock, there’s more choice than in your local store.  

Delivery is next day, seven days a week, and there are flexible timeslots to suit you. Returns are free within 100 days, so there’s no risk to ordering, and with over 200,000 five-star reviews on TrustPilot, AO must be doing something right.

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(Image credit: LG OLED)

But back to that TV. It’s an LG OLED55CX5LB, but we just call it gorgeous. LG has really outdone itself with this one: it’s 55 inches from corner to corner, the ultimate 4K Ultra HD picture quality is enhanced by the LG a9 Gen 3 processor so it doesn’t matter what you hook up to it, it’s going to look great. Whether it’s the kids’ gaming consoles, your decidedly more adult gaming PC, streaming services or Blu-rays, you can expect excellent picture quality and immersive 3D sound from one of these. Upscaling from older sources is pretty fantastic too. 

There’s Dolby Vision IQ on board, for one thing. This slice of extreme cleverness combines Dolby Vision, which adjusts the HDR colours and brightness depending on what’s being shown on-screen, with ambient light detection to make sure your room lighting never overpowers what’s being shown.  

Gamers will be pleased to see that the OLED55CX5LB can handle 4K at 120fps and in 10bit colour with Nvidia G-sync through its four HDMI sockets, and if your PC or console is compatible, you can use HGIG to transfer things like HDR tone-mapping to the source, so that the TV’s processing doesn’t interfere with displaying the picture exactly the way its creators intended. Turn on Game Mode and you’ll get just 13ms of input lag too, an excellent result whoever’s playing. 

Upgrading to a newer, bigger, better TV couldn’t be simpler when you shop LG OLED at AO, and they’ll handle the installation too. The only thing they can’t help with are the inevitable complaints about it being too big. But there are worse problems to have, eh? 

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