The Invasion of Normandy comes to Enlisted

Xbox One

Enlisted has been providing military based online shooting to Xbox Series X|S and PC players since the tail end of 2020, bringing WW2 themed gameplay to those who signed up via Founder Packs. Now though the war is building momentum with not just the arrival of PS5 players entering the fray, but a new Invasion of Normandy campaign becoming available.

Since November 2020 Enlisted has allowed Xbox Series X|S and PC players the chance to control infantry squads, ground vehicles and to head to the skies with some of the most hardened of combat aircraft, all via a Closed Beta which has required the purchase of a Founders Pack. Now though PlayStation players can get in on the action too, specifically those on PS5; an edition of the game which is practically identical to the Xbox Series X|S and PC variants, running at 4K and 60FPS.

Whilst we’re firmly entrenched in the Xbox side of the fight, we fully welcome more players to Enlisted, especially as accompanying their arrival is the new Invasion of Normandy campaign.

Anyone who has previously bought the Battle of Moscow founder packs (German or USSR) for Enlisted on PC or Xbox Series X|S will get access to the new campaign for free, with it thrusting players into the events of Operation Overlord as the Allied forces landed in Franc in 1944.

Invasion of Normandy comes with game missions that look to recreate the atmosphere of the clashes that were typical to that theatre of operations. Players will experience a brave head-on assault on the steel and concrete shoreline defenses under the heavy fire of German forces, gruesome city battles in the labyrinth of narrow streets and dynamic fighting for the rural chateau using offroad vehicles to move quickly through the map.

All missions are available for both the US and German forces, giving players the chance to use gear like the MP 34(ö) and Beretta M1918 submachine guns, Lee Enfield mod No.4 Mk I rifle, light tank M5A1, 75-mm self-propelled M8 “Scott” howitzer, Sd.Kfz.234/2 armoured car, Ju.188 A-2 and A-20G bombers. Invasion of Normandy brings dozens of vehicles and weapons to unlock and all of them were really a part of the historical battle.

With all this kicking off, two new £24.99 founder packs come to market – the Invasion of Normandy US Squad or German Squad – in addition to the already available Battle of Moscow packs. Players are now able to purchase the US 83rd Division squad with M2 Hyde submachine guns and the German 77th Division squad with upgraded MP 28 submachine guns with extended magazines. As you would expect, purchase of any pack will grant access to the Enlisted Closed Beta Test and both campaigns at once.

Will you be getting Enlisted on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 or PC? Let us know in the comments.

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