Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 2-01-21: Laura Returns!


February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s the most exciting for soap fans.

During the February Sweeps period, stories come to an exciting conclusion, and new ones begin, giving viewers a ton to look forward to.

And Days of Our Lives is no exception. During the week of 2-01-21, this all-important month begins with Laura paying a visit to the Deverauxes with shocking news.

Many viewers guessed that Laura held the key to understanding Gwen’s anger toward the Deverauxes, and they seem to be right.

The spoiler video includes a clip of Jennifer telling Laura that Jack is taking a paternity test and Laura commenting that she didn’t think she’d ever had to tell Jennifer this.

Since Gwen insists her mother spoke to Jack about her and Jack has no clue what she’s talking about, chances are Laura intercepted the mother and stopped her from talking to Jack.

That was stupid, but it makes sense. I hope Laura has a better explanation than “I didn’t think Jennifer would like this.”

The rest of the spoiler video contains a ton of blink-and-you-miss-them dramatic moments.

Among other things, Jake walks in on a naked Gabi, Gwen gets into it with Julie, and we get our first look at the new actress playing Vivian.

Linda Dane has taken over the iconic role from actor Louise Sorel, who is based in New York and felt uncomfortable traveling to Los Angeles due to COVID-19.  Dane has some big shoes to fill!

And during the week of 2-01-21, she makes her first appearance as Ivan delivers the stolen twins to his “Madam.”

There’s plenty of storyline movement on other fronts as well. Check out the official NBC spoiler photos below and let us know what you think!

Jack and Gwen receive their DNA results.

Gwen pointed out that DNA results are often inaccurate in Salem, and she’s poised to reject them if they don’t go her way.

This begs the question of whether someone tampers with the test, as happens 95% of the time in Salem.

But with Laura’s appearance and big news scheduled for later in the week, could this be the one time that the Salem DNA lab gets it right on the first try?

Nicole gets upsetting news regarding Eric.

Nicole was last seen talking to Eric on the phone, so could he be the one to decide to let her go for her own sake?

Hopefully, the news is that Eric is staying in Africa, and we don’t have another off-screen tragedy.

Either way, this will send Nicole straight into Rafe’s arms.

I ship this couple hard, so this is welcome news. But for the love of God, please don’t let Eric make a magical reappearance, just as Rafe and Nicole are about to tie the knot someday!

Laura explains to Jennifer and Abigail the truth about Gwen’s story.

From the spoiler video, it looks like Laura will confess to knowing that Gwen is Jack’s daughter.

The question is: what is Jack’s next move here?

Jack could draw on his own history to try to forge a bond with his evil daughter. After all, he didn’t exactly want to be Steve Johnson’s brother and fought against that for a long time after he found out.

But how can Jack and Gwen ever move forward after all the things Gwen has done to the family? And how can Jack and Jennifer forgive Laura for her role in that, either?

Ivan presents Vivian with Eli and Lani’s twins.

As much as I despise this baby-snatching story, I always enjoy Vivian.

I’m curious as to the direction Linda Dane takes the role, too.

The last recast didn’t go over well with fans despite the actress’ general popularity — will this one be more successful?

A big question is whether she has strong chemistry with Ivan. The original Vivian/Ivan dynamic was part of what made this evil pair of villains so well-liked in the first place.

Chad covers for Abigail.

Covers for Abigail with what?

Since Rafe is involved, I wonder if Salem will follow real-world laws for once and have the police investigate Gwen’s claim that Abby slugged her in the Square.

People are forever fistfighting and catfighting there, both of which are illegal.

But assault doesn’t seem to be against Salem’s law most of the time, so I’d be surprised if it were this time.

Ciara fights to get home to Ben.

I’ve mostly lost interest in this already.

It’s been done so many times before, and Ciara and Ben are not the most compelling couple. They had potential once, but their co-dependence and clinginess killed that.

I do want to know the real reason Mr. Cowboy Hat is holding her hostage and how he knows so much about what her family is doing, though.

At the hospital, Brady wakes to find Chloe at his bedside.

Of course, he does.

Did anybody NOT see a Brady/Chloe/Philip triangle coming?

With Kristen on the warpath and the cops apparently determined to ignore her threats against Chloe, this is not a good idea.

And could Chloe find someone to date she wasn’t involved with twenty years ago, please?

Philip kisses Chloe.

If Philip were still somewhat likable and hadn’t just been mooning over Belle, this might be all right.

As much as I’d like to see Chloe move on to someone new, her relationship with Philip was my favorite of her past dating misadventures.

But lately, Philip is both smug and wishy-washy, and I can’t stand more than a second of him on my screen.

Can his relationship with Chloe redeem him? I hope so!

Ciara makes a run for it.

But of course, she will fail. 

Otherwise, the story would be over too quickly. Besides, none of her attempts to escape the other four or five times she was kidnapped have ever gone anywhere.

I’d love it if she did get away this time, though. I’m not a fan of the damsel in distress needing rescue by her man trope.

Lani and Eli confront Ivan!

Well, that was fast, which means there’s more to this storyline.

“Madam” is either hiding in another room or has already absconded with the infants.

But at least we’re a step closer to ending this thing. I can’t wait for Lani and Eli to have their babies back in their arms.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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