Immortals Fenyx Rising’s demo is no longer a Stadia exclusive


I don’t think I’ll write anything more peak games than this, but Immortals Fenyx Rising’s demo, which was exclusive to cloud gaming service Google Stadia, can now be downloaded properly on PC. If your internet wasn’t up to the task of turning Google’s streaming service’s bits and bytes into a coherent Greek romp, you can now grab it without worrying about your connect-


There’s a trailer, which made me laugh because it’s just the Stadia trailer with all the references to it removed. Also, all the mentions of a time-limited release are gone, so maybe Ubi realised that both exclusivity and having it only be available for a short while are silly ideas? It’s like sticking an advert on a bus that washes off in the rain.

If I’m reading the description correctly, the demo has a unique mission, so even if you own the game you might want to grab it as there’s talk of an “exclusive archipelago” to play around on.

Alice B has already played it and enjoyed it for us, calling it: “An imaginative, fun action game that has a nice story about family and personal growth at the heart of its epic adventure, and a good sense of humour, where you turn Aphrodite from a gracious tree back into a bitchy hot girl.”

That does sound fun. I didn’t play it, but I’ll probably grab the demo now to see what it’s like. If you’re keen on trying out one our best games of 2020, it’s right there in your Ubisoft Connect client and on the game’s store page, just a click away.

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