Grab Little Nightmares free for keeps this week and demo the sequel


Spooky sequel Little Nightmares 2 is just around the corner waiting to pop out and scare you in February. If you’ve not played its predecessor puzzle platformer, well not to worry, you can snag it free for keeps through Sunday, giving you plenty of time to creep through it before the sequel. Bandai Namco have also scared up a frightful new trailer for the occasion.

Bandai Namco say that the free download for the original Little Nightmares is available via the the Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe store, which I can’t seem to finagle my way on to, so I’m afraid you’re on your own from there. There’s also a popup over on Bandai Namco’s main site that you can slap your email address into “for your chance to claim a free copy” via Steam key, though it’s not super clear if that’s a raffle situation or the same freebie offer they’ve mentioned. I’ve asked them for a bit of clarity on that and will update if they spell it out for me. In either case, BandaiNam say the offer runs from now until Sunday, January 17th.

RPS’s Little Nightmares review praises just about everything about it from puzzles to visual style to the pacing of its horror world that leans more on unease than jump scares. Alice Bee agrees that its one of her favorite horror games and had lots of good to say about her time with the Little Nightmares 2 preview as well.

“LN2 has all the things I liked from the first game: Lilliputian-like creeping under giant tables and shelves, jumps that feel perilous because of how small you are, and the excellent sound design of your little slapping feet and unseen things knocking over clutter in the dark,” Alice says. “The puzzles are still in the vein of finding the right switches to put in the right places, and while Six helps vault you into certain rooms, I did spend most of my time running about as Mono by myself.”

As of today there’s also a demo for Little Nightmares 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. There’s been a demo available on PC for a bit now, but if you missed hearing about it you can try it out over on Steam and GOG. That’s also where you’ll find the full game when it launches on February 10th for £25/€30/$30.

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