Cartoon: Trump’s other phone call

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Well that was just absolutely, positively, shocking, that President Trump’s supporters would actually put his words into action. Is there any doubt now that Trump incites violence?

How many times has the Denier-in-Chief backed down from incendiary comments by saying he’s kidding or was misquoted? He can start the violence yet seems incapable of stopping it. Trump and his Republican allies have courted far-right nutballs for years and we now have the most blatant example of the fire they’re playing with.

Remember, Trump isn’t the only one behind this. Scores of leading Republicans are also to blame and have been fanning the flames for months — and are at this very moment helping the president overturn the will of the voters.

Here we were hoping all this awfulness would stay back in 2020. Enjoy the cartoon, and join me over on Patreon to help support my work and get yourself some goodies!

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