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Welcome to Episode 2 of “School for Gifted Youngsters,” a regular podcast project dedicated to analyzing X-Men comics in the Jonathan Hickman-led HoXPoX/Dawn of X era. This era includes the 2019 miniseries HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X and current ongoing titles X-MEN, EXCALIBUR, MARAUDERS, FALLEN ANGELS, X-FORCE and NEW MUTANTS. We are Ian, Nolan and Marius, two New Yorkers and a German, all long-time X-Men enthusiasts. Be warned: this episode includes spoilers for both HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X as well as issues 1-3 of the successor comics.

In this episode’s first segment we conclude our discussion on Dawn of X’s villains and their roles in the current ongoing runs. In a follow-up segment we play catch-up with some mutant characters we haven’t seen much of in recent months. Why are some fan-favorite X-Men such as Nightcrawler, Archangel and Colossus not as heavily featured in this current era of mutant storytelling? We also speculate on the whereabouts of some minor or niche characters that might not have gotten a cameo in HoXPoX.

POWERS OF X #4 and MARAUDERS #1 introduced us to a number of so-called “Sinister Secrets.” These are a number of cryptic hints at upcoming revelations and storylines. We discuss some of them in greater detail in this episode. The three of us theorize on mutant polyamory, potential additional Summers siblings, Madelyne Pryor and more!

Our final segment gives us the opportunity for some more general theorizing about the future of Hickman’s run. With a take on the franchise as revolutionizing as HoXPoX, we are curious about where Hickman’s overall vision is heading. Be it summer events, upcoming titles and storylines or even developments in the Marvel Universe’s geopolitics and economics – tune in to get our take!

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