Among Us is teasing its upcoming Henry Stickmin-themed map


Among Us, the Werewolf-like game about murdering your mates in space, has been working on a new map. Time to get lost, caught, and accused all over again in a different doomed spaceship. Innersloth have posted this image today showing just a portion of the new map and have warned folks to keep an eye out for another announcement coming at The Game Awards next month.

Innersloth previously announced that they’re working on a big new map as a free update. They expect it to be bigger than Polus, with new tasks to tackle. It’s based on ye old Flash game Henry Stickmin, apparently. Based on that teaser image up top, yeah, it sure is.

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But wait, there’s more. Innersloth also say to keep an eye on The Game Awards in December because “it’s getting reaaaaal suspicious over there.”

Given that The Game Awards is always a vehicle for a lot of trailers and marketing in between trophies, it seems safe to assume that Innersloth will be showing some kind of video with an announcement during the show. Or, who knows? Maybe part of the awards show will take place in space on Among Us’s fictional ship. I doubt it, but hey that sure would be something.

The Game Awards 2020 is taking place on December 10th (and just announced all its nominees today), so that’s the date you’ll want to keep an eye on if you’re hungry for more competitive lying simulator info. And also their new Twitter account. That too.

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