Report: Spider-Man: Miles Morales May Be Bundled With Remastered Marvel’s Spider-Man

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Following the reveal of Spider-Man: Miles Morales at last month’s PS5 event, Insomniac had plenty to clarify. First and foremost, the Miles Morales content is a standalone adventure, not a full sequel. But it seems Insomniac and Sony will soon have even more explaining to do. Reportedly, Sony will bundle Miles Morales with a “remastered version” of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The latest issue of GameInformer Magazine, #327, makes note of the bundle in a section about Miles’ forthcoming adventure. Reddit user 77good123 shared an image of a blurb from the issue that reads, “Miles Morales isn’t a traditional sequel, since it comes bundled with a remastered version of Insomniac’s Spider-Man that takes full advantage of the PS5 hardware.”

As of writing, neither Sony nor Insomniac have shared plans to bundle the two games together. Moreover, there’s no official word on whether the original Spider-Man title will receive a remaster for the PS5. Talk of this in GameInformer’s latest issue suggests one of two things. Either such a bundle is in the works and Sony is simply waiting to offer more details, or GameInformer misunderstood a bit of info along the way. Given the confusion that already surrounds the Miles Morales standalone, the former seems especially plausible.

The formal announcement of a bundle would also necessitate the reveal of pricing details for the game(s). Because Sony has yet to share the PS5’s price point, first-party game pricing may be waiting in the wings, too. If the rumored State of Play date of August 6th proves true, perhaps we’ll learn something more concrete then.

[Source: GameInformer, Reddit via VG247]

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