Awaken from a coma in psychological narrative game Neversong on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch

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Looking for an action-adventure with a dreamlike narrative, one that’s focusing on the psychological aftermath of being in a coma? Well, let us tell you about Neversong, which is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Upon waking from a coma, main protagonist Peet realises his best friend is nowhere to be found. This tale will see you exploring six moody, illustrative levels ranging from the Red Wind Field to the haunting halls of Blackfork Asylum. You’ll need to investigate the screams coming from the heart of Neverwood and the increasingly bizarre behavior of the zombie-esque grownups. Ultimately though, the strange truth about Peet’s past is what really must be uncovered in this hauntingly dreamlike fable. It may seem a daunting task, however with a baseball bat in hand, any monsters in your path can be whacked aside.

At the heart of it, Neversong is essentially about the death of youthfulness, but more importantly, the redemption one can achieve after the loss of such innocence. It’s about discovering who you really are, deep down – who you were when you were a kid. Dealing subtly with some rather dark themes, it’s an experience trying to highlight the sneaky nature of depression and the important value in remembering who we are, despite whatever’s going on in our lives. 

The folks behind Neversong, Serenity Forge (Where the Water Tastes Like Wine) and Atmos Games (Pinstripe), have already seen it succeed on PC. Whether it’s a hit on the console scene as well is another matter, but if you can hang on just a few hours then our full review will be live today with the verdict. Should that convince you to delve into Neversong, it’s now available on the Xbox Store, PS Store and Nintendo eShop for £12.19.

Edit: Our review of Neversong on Xbox One is now live and available for your perusal

Feel free to get in touch and leave a comment below with any and all thoughts regarding Neversong!

Game Description:

Upon waking from a coma, Peet’s girlfriend is nowhere to be found. Investigate the screams coming from the heart of Neverwood, the increasingly bizarre behavior of the zombie grownups, and the strange truth about Peet’s past in this hauntingly dreamlike fable.

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