Street Power Soccer is Bringing Over-the-Top Style and Arcade Action to Xbox One This Year

Xbox One

Street Power Soccer is a unique spin on the world’s most popular sport that emphasizes style, rhythm, precision, and extreme superpowers. Whether you are a lifelong soccer (or football) fan or never touched a ball in your life, Street Power Soccer aims to reinvent the way the game is played. With no regulation size field, 1-on-1 and small team face-offs, and no match officials, this is soccer in its rawest form.

Street Power Soccer

Free from the shackles of the rules of traditional soccer, street soccer celebrates stylish moves and flair while scoring goals against the opposing player or team. Using tricks isn’t just for bragging rights, as they will become your tools to juke opponents and edge out your victory against some of the best players around. When the time is right, players can unleash a variety of devastating superpower moves such as a teleport, reversal, aerial shot, and more that will be the ace up your sleeve to turn the tides of any match and blow away the competition.

Street Power Soccer

To capture the essence of the sport, you will be able to fully customize your character and the way you play through hundreds of available options across a variety of different modes in single-player, local, or online multiplayer for up to four players. Show off your moves in a dance-like freestyle mode, go head-to-head in a 3v3 style power match, face-off in Panna cage battles, elimination modes, trick shot challenges, and more.

Street Power Soccer

The single-player experience will take you through an expansive campaign, where you will follow your aspiring amateur player seeking to etch their name in history under the coaching of street soccer legend Sean Garnier. The road to becoming the street king will not be easy, as the rivals that lie ahead include a lineup of freestyle soccer greats like Liv Cooke, Melody Donchet, Soufiane Bencok, Daniel Got Hits, Raquel Benetti, and Andrew Henderson as you ball to a hyped-up soundtrack featuring works by The Black Eyed Peas, DJ Snake, Snap, and many more.

Street Power Soccer

Street Power Soccer faithfully recreates the growing world and culture surrounding street soccer, while putting a unique arcade spin on the formula that makes it accessible to those new to the sport and creates a high skill ceiling that will continue to challenge players. With its diverse set of online, local, and single-player content, Street Power Soccer will be an experience you won’t want to miss when it comes to Xbox One later this year.

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