Ghost of Tsushima Players Will Have to Properly Explore the Map for ‘Full Diversity’ of Abilities and Weapons

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Sucker Punch Productions has said that Ghost of Tsushima is a game about story and exploration, and if players want the “full diversity” of abilities and weapons, they’ll have to explore the map properly.

Speaking to Press Start Australia, game director Nate Fox said that there will be places players won’t know exist until they traverse the world.

This is not a game about loot drops. It is a game about story and exploration. So if you go on Jin’s journey from Samurai to Ghost, you’ll get access to some abilities and some weapons but if you really want the full diversity of possibilities, you have to explore, you have to meet side characters, you have to go places that you’re not really even told exist. That’s why the world is rewarding, right? We want to make sure that if you take the time, you get something from it that allows you to modify the play style to get more diversity and how you go after solving problems.

When asked if players will end up missing things if they don’t explore every nook and corner, Fox said:

Absolutely. One of the big challenges of making a game like this, where we’re looking to capture that wandering Samurai experience, is being okay with the fact that not all of the things that we make – whether it be missions or abilities – are going to be seen by every player. That is the nature of giving people freedom.

In case you’re wondering, Ghost of Tsushima is a “big game,” according to Fox. There will be plenty for players to explore and sink their time into. However, players will have the freedom to play how they want so going off the main path won’t be compulsory. For those worried that missing weapons and abilities might make the game more difficult for them, Ghost of Tsushima comes with various difficulty options to accommodate your play style so fret not!

Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17th. You can preorder the game on Amazon.

[Source: Press Start AU]

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