Infliction: Extended Cut Delivers A Slice Of Psychological Horror On Switch This July


Switch has its fair share of blood-curdling horror games, but there’s a new ghoul on the block from one-man development team Caustic Reality and Blowfish Studios. Infliction: Extended Cut is scheduled to arrive on Switch on 2nd July and, as you can probably tell from the title, it’s adding a smattering (or should that be splattering?) of new content, too.

The game, which is already available on other platforms and was previously reported to be coming to Switch last year in non-extended form, will feature additional endings and a New Game Plus mode with new puzzles, increased difficulty and remixes scares.

You play as a tormented father grieving for his young family and trying to piece together a horrific mystery. You’ll have to wander through the haunted family home and avoid an assortment of ill-willed nasties. You can check out the trailer above for an idea of what to expect, and here are some more details from the press release, along with a few screenshots:

Uncover hidden paths, secrets, and clues throughout the house while avoiding supernatural pursuers. Duck for cover, crawling beneath beds or hiding in closets to evade the malevolent forces attempting to drag players to hell. Summon the courage to confront these entities, manipulating light sources like camera flashes to momentarily escape their grasp.

The game is up on the Switch eShop for pre-purchase for the sum of $19.99 / 17,99€ / £15.99 depending on your region. Infliction currently has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam, so it could be worth watching, especially if like nothing better than curling up with your Switch and soiling your undergarments.

In the mood to be scared out of your skin? Feel free to scrawl a message into the comments section. No need use blood or anything – your keyboard will do just fine.

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