DiRT 5 is the Next Installment in Codemasters’ Celebrated Racing Franchise

PS4 & PS5

Earlier this week, developer Codemasters teased that it would unveil the next phase of the DiRT franchise very soon. The studio did not disappoint. During this morning’s Inside Xbox digital showcase, DiRT 5 counted among the first world premieres.

Check out DiRT 5’s announcement trailer in the following video, colored by The Shoes’ Time to Dance (Sebastian Remix)’ track:

The DiRT 5 trailer above consists of all in-game footage. It showcases just a taste of the action, which includes “wheel-to-wheel action,” a host of gorgeous locales, and Codemasters’ new take on the racing genre.

As of writing, very little is known about the series’ next entry. However, during an Inside Xbox post-show, the developer revealed that career mode is making a comeback. Interestingly, players will have a mentor voiced by Troy Baker, while Nolan North voices another pivotal character.

The trailer’s video description notes that this installment will allow DiRT to be “bolder and braver than ever before.” DiRT 5 players will travel the world, with the most powerful off-road vehicles right at their finger tips. In racing alongside friends, players can take part in a “vibe” that provides epic action and unprecedented levels of style.

The most recent DiRT entry, DiRT Rally 2.0, release in February of 2019. Our review of the title awarded it an 8 out of 10, praising the visuals and gameplay. Features felt lacking, however, especially with regards to multiplayer and career modes. Since release, Codemasters has continuously updated the off-road racer with content. While the studio has no further plans for Season-based content, there are still a few smaller updates on the horizon. Some surprises are on the cards, too, though Codemasters is not yet ready to offer any specifics on this particular front.

This is one of the games from the Inside Xbox event that we know for certain is also coming to PS5.

[Source: Codemasters]

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