This RTX 2060-powered Asus gaming laptop is $270 off right now


If you’re in the market for a gaming laptop and have your card details perilously saved to the Best Buy website, then this deal might well be for you, American readers. This 15.6in Asus TUF FX505DV gaming laptop is down 25% in the Best Buy sale, going for $830 rather than its usual price of $1100. For that, you get a Ryzen 5 3550H processor backed by 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics chip for ray tracing fun. The 15.6in screen is a 1080p IPS number, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

What’s more, if you’re the clumsy type, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s tested to MIL-STD-810G standards. What does that mean? Essentially, it’s been tortured during the production phase – dropped, exposed to extremely high and low temperatures, vibrated 10-500Hz and so on – and survived without breaking into tiny pieces, as you or I likely would in the same situation.

Given how gaudy gaming laptops often tend to be, this particular model is comparatively tasteful with just a red patch along the left-hand side giving the game away. This apparently makes it “Stealth Black”, in direct opposition to all those other more attention seeking laptops out there.

Actually, the RGB keyboard looks a little less stealthy than Asus might suggest too. Not only is the space bar a slightly weird shape, but Asus have also seen fit to make the WASD keys a different colour, just in case you’re in the slightly odd position of buying a gaming laptop, but not knowing where the most common gaming keys are located.

But hey, since when were gaming laptops competing in beauty contests? The point is that for around $800 you’re getting a mid-range gaming laptop that should be able to handle most things you throw at it without compromising much of graphical quality. Getting that without breaking four figures is already a win – pushing it down close to the $800 mark is a real triumph.

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