Inspired by reality, Space Engineers launches on Xbox One

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Ready to head to space before embarking on a journey full of creativity, exploration, construction and the need to survive? Space Engineers on Xbox One provides it.

Available right now to all who have pre-ordered the game, some four days prior to the standard launch, Space Engineers on Xbox One is a game that is full of opportunity. Priced at £16.74, Space Engineers will deliver you a huge open sandbox world, with both creative and survival modes found within, allowing you to take what you want from the game, all as you push forward through the exploration of the universe.

Space Engineers looks to be a joy; with the inspiration behind it coming from the space agencies of the real world, it certainly looks to be something that will appeal to all the space-heads out there, as you go about building space ships, space stations, planetary outposts. From there, getting behind the wheel of those ships, piloting them through space is par for the course, allowing you the chance to further explore, take in even more planets and gather resources to survive.

Both single player and multiplayer options are available with Space Engineers too. The latter of these brings a number of options across both the creative and survival scenes, through to cooperative and competitive play.

You should however be aware of a couple of things prior to embarking on this journey. The main issue is that the performance of the game depends on the complexity of your world AND your console type. You see, the most simple of worlds will happily run smoothly even on old Xbox, but a more complex world with rich object interactions could well have capacity which will overload even an Xbox One X. This affects the multiplayer aspect as well – A host on Xbox One and Xbox One S supports 2 player multiplayer (lobby), 1 host + 1 client, yet a host on Xbox One X supports 4 player multiplayer (lobby), detailing 1 host + 3 clients.

Tempted by the chance to travel through a galactic world that is only limited by your own imagination? Get yourself over to the Xbox Store right now and grab the download it’ll give up. If you wish to know more, then hold tight for our full review in the coming days and weeks.

Game Description:

Space Engineers is an open world sandbox game defined by creativity and exploration. It is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Players build space ships, wheeled vehicles, space stations, planetary outposts of various sizes and uses (civil and military), pilot ships and travel through space to explore planets and gather resources to survive. Featuring both creative and survival modes, there is no limit to what can be built, utilized and explored. Space Engineers features a realistic, volumetric-based physics engine: everything in the game can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and destroyed. The game can be played either in single or multiplayer modes. Volumetric objects are structures composed from block-like modules interlocked in a grid. Volumetric objects behave like real physical objects with mass, inertia and velocity. Individual modules have real volume and storage capacity. Space Engineers is inspired by reality and by how things work. Think about modern-day NASA technology extrapolated 60 years into the future. Space Engineers strives to follow the laws of physics and doesn’t use technologies that wouldn’t be feasible in the near future. Space Engineers concentrates on construction and exploration aspects, but can be played as a survival shooter as well. We expect players will avoid engaging in direct man-to-man combat and instead use their creativity and engineering skills to build war machines and fortifications to survive in space and on planets. Space Engineers shouldn’t be about troops; it should be about the machinery you build.

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