People Are Dreaming Up New Colors For The DualSense Controller


From wild colors to designs that reflect specific games, Twitter users are having fun giving Sony’s new controller, the PlayStation 5 DualSense, a makeover. Like most things that hit the internet, the DualSense has received mixed reactions, some praising the new form factor and stylish design, and others taking it to task for, well, the same reasons. I fall into the camp of thinking it looks awesome. The white and black mesh well, and the small stripe of blue light gives it a science-fiction look.

Following the DualSense’s reveal yesterday, Twitter users wasted no time seeing how the DualSense looks when the colors are altered. Some people tried to create variations they wouldn’t mind buying, while others just wanted to see how ugly or silly it could look. I added a couple of joke tweets for good measure. Enjoy the roundup!

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