Persona 5 Royal: Tips from the Heart, New Wallpapers

PS4 & PS5

Persona 5 Royal is almost here! Are you ready? To help you ace an all-new semester at Shujin Academy, I’m here to provide our top five tips and tricks:

1. Get to know your confidants.

A main staple in the Persona series, you can socialize with key relationships to gain bonuses in battle or access to cool stuff!
In Persona 5 Royal only, you can hang out with student counselor Maruki or new transfer student Kasumi. On top of that, you can even spend extra quality time with my favorite detective prince, Akechi!

2. Look out for Jose’s Shop in Mementos.

Not only is Jose adorable, his shop is full of useful items for phantom thievery. He’ll appear on the map and by trading stamps with him, you can alter effects within the procedurally-generated dungeon.

3. Take your time in the Thieves Den.

Want to play some card games with Ann, Yusuke, and Morgana? You can, here in the Thieves Den. This is the Phantom Thieves’ space where you can change into different outfits (and different characters), freely listen to new song “Colors Flying High,” view previous in-game cutscenes, and more.

4. Don’t forget, you’ve got all the DLC from the original Persona 5.

All DLC from the original Persona 5 is available for free for anyone with a copy of Persona 5 Royal. But the treasures don’t stop there, pre-order from PlayStation Store to receive a special Persona 5 Royal theme!

5. Don’t go to sleep early!

Despite what anyone or any cat may tell you, you should stay up a little bit later this time around. There’s even more awaiting in Persona 5 Royal that I didn’t get a chance to touch on.

To celebrate the game’s impending launch, we have exclusive Persona 5 Royal wallpapers to keep your phone or desktop looking cool like Joker. Click here to download the full-res versions!

Visit our official page to learn more. Persona 5 Royal is coming exclusively to PS4 tomorrow!

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