P.T. Video Showcases Surprising Amount of Detail Involved in Lisa’s Off-Screen Behavior

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For years, it’s been abundantly clear the Kojima Productions team behind 2014’s P.T. put plenty of tender loving care into the short-lived project. Videos from YouTuber Lance McDonald, wherein he shows results from his hacking the playable teaser, further communicates this fact. McDonald’s latest dive into P.T.’s inner workings unveils even more of a stunning attention detail. Evidently, not all of Lisa’s ghostly off-screen antics were performed by an invisible force.

Check out the new video below:

The latest video from McDonald targets a few points of interest, each revealing Lisa’s behind-the-scenes behavior. In one particularly intriguing instance, McDonald travels upstairs during the scene where Lisa looks down from the balcony. While the upstairs area is rather small, a model of Lisa does appear, looking down menacingly. When it’s her cue to vanish into the upstairs area’s darkness, she merely takes one step back, before the character model tilts backwards in an odd fashion and disappears into the floor.

Another interesting revelation concerns an early section of the demo. When first entering the looping hallway, players pass a light fixture. Paying close attention to the surrounding walls shows a shadow moving behind the player, mimicking Lisa’s head-twitching antics. Of course, turning around suggests there’s nothing there.

At first, such actions may seem a developer trick, imposed bit imagery on the wall meant to cast an illusion. However, McDonald’s inspection proves this is not the case. In patching the game engine, McDonald found a way to avoid the game tracking the player’s line of sight. Doing so reveals Lisa is actually following along, only vanishing when the player interacts with the photo near the answering machine.

One of the more intriguing revelations concerns Lisa’s behavior after players enter the bathroom for the first time. From within the bathroom, players can hear Lisa loudly walking down the hall. This isn’t a trick of sound, either. McDonald’s video shows footage outside the bathroom of Lisa’s character model awkwardly stomping along. It’s beyond impressive, simply for the fact that players would never see such a thing.

Unfortunately, Kojima’s vision for the next Silent Hill entry never came to fruition. However, recent rumors suggest Sony and Konami are working on a way to change that. At present, these unsubstantiated claims and McDonald’s continued work are all Silent Hill fans have to cling to.

[Source: Lance McDonald on YouTube]

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